Let’s Lisbon!

A little tid bit I failed to mention in the last post: When we travel, it’s always planes, trains, and automobiles to get where we’re going. But since we’re on a little more of a budget this trip, we’ve been testing out the European bus system. Our first trip was from Madrid to Sevilla and … More Let’s Lisbon!


Like usual, I’m behind. But we’ve been exploring so many amazing places so quickly, that I have not had a free chance to sit down and write about it…well, that and our wifi seems to always leave something to be desired… But Sevilla (Seville) in the south of Spain is DEFINITELY worth writing about! We … More Sevilla

Mad for Madrid

Surprise, surprise…we get to a new city and it’s raining. There seems to be a trend here since it rains everywhere we go. No biggie –we’re cooking at home tonight so we can rest up for site seeing tomorrow! So like any other major city we’ve gone to, we started out our time in Madrid … More Mad for Madrid