Pura Vida…Samara Edition

We’re jumping ahead in our blog posts but after spending almost 3 weeks in Costa Rica, I feel this country requires more immediate attention. What a trip! From beautiful palm tree-lined beaches, to jungles full of wildlife and waterfalls, to quaint little shopping towns with sodas and traditional Tico food, Costa Rica really has a little of something for everyone. We started our adventure in Samara with the Jarke family to celebrate Brandon’s brother, Brian’s, 40th birthday. We lucked out by snagging the only beach-front property in town, which consisted of 5 bungalows with ocean views and his-and-her hammocks. If you’re ever in Samara, check out the Tree House Inn. It was picturesque! I’m not sure if there is a better feeling in the world than waking to the sound of the ocean and palm trees blowing in the wind 🙂

img_7563costa5Samara is a small coastal town full of beach front dining and bars, horses trotting down the beach, surfers all along the beach, and tropical drinks in abundance. Brandon and I went on a search for the best pina colada in town…I think the award still goes to the pina coladas in Sayulita, MX but there were some close contenders! We mainly enjoyed getting hydrated with fresh coconut water…mixed with Guaro (a sugar-based rum that’s the traditional drink of Costa Rica).costa10costa11costa9costa6

Brandon spent one of the mornings learning how to surf – and he killed it! So proud of him! He didn’t even take a lesson! He, Brian, Holly, Nicole, and Todd all spent several hours riding the waves…I enjoyed a cocktail on the beach while getting tan and taking photos 🙂costa3costa1costa2costa

Brandon, Holly, and Matthew also went out deep sea fishing one day and tried to catch enough fish for the whole week. They unfortunately came back with only one tuna…but it was the best $250 tuna we had ever had! This night, as well as two others, we spent our evenings grilling out on the patio of the Tree House Inn while drinking Todd’s famous mojitos! Yum yum! Our days were mainly spent doing this: eat, tan, drink, nap, eat, drink, sleep…sounds like paradise to me 🙂

It’s so much fun to get together with family. Brandon’s family is so spread out that it’s hard to get everyone together at the same time. Several years ago, we started a new family tradition — Jarke Christmas. Instead of being together on the actual day of Christmas, we have a destination Christmas somewhere fun and special! We’ve done Vegas, a cruise to the Caribbean, Dallas (not exciting for us but Eva had just been born so gotta visit that little cutie!), Sayulita, and now Costa Rica. It’s the perfect way to see everyone, catch up, and make memories! We were missing Brandon’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Kara, this year but we’re already looking forward to Jarke Christmas 2018!




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